Candice Joseph ~ Owner

Born and raised in a small town in Vermont, I moved to Connecticut in my early 20’s to find a “big” city and never looked back.  I love that my roots are made up of the quiet country and that my adulthood thrives on the hustle of the city.  I have an appreciation for the clear star lit country skies and adore walking the busy streets in Manhattan.  I love a great vacation, crisp fall air, a black wardrobe, a good spin class and a great sweet tea!  I’m a wife and a mama to a precious girl and family means everything to me.  
I feel like I have grown up in this business…and I have.  Graduating with a degree in Hospitality Management I’ve spent over a decade planning events in corporate and boutique hotels all while then joining the team of one of the leading caterers and event companies in the tri-state area.  In my career I’ve managed thousands of events from intimate dinner parties, to elaborate weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and galas scaling over hundreds of people.  No one event is exactly the same, they all have their own touches that make them unique.  Managing and creating events is something I live for.  I find such joy in allowing clients to enjoy their special day while I get to be their driving force.  
What sets me apart is that I know and understand the back side of the business.  I understand how the venues operate, how contracts are developed, what makes a great menu, how a party should flow, and I have partnerships with wonderful, trusted vendors.  I know how excited and overwhelmed you can be when it comes to making decisions…and making the right ones for such a big day.  My personality is down to earth, open and honest.  I love being the calm presence at an event but also the boss lady who makes it all happen with ease.    
Allow me to listen and guide you in creating the event that will bring such joy to not only you but your family and friends too.